1. Give it a deep cleaning.

Start with the obvious. Simply cleaning your car can be a great way to give it a facelift. Don’t just run it through an automated car wash—be thorough with both the interior and exterior. Clean from driver’s seat and dashboard to trunk space. Dust surfaces and vacuum carpets. Clean out trash and debris. Wash and wax the exterior and clean tires. Read more for specific tips on how to get your car super clean.

2. Update the interior.

Your cleaning may not be enough for old floor mats, stained seats or scuffed up steering wheels. You can breathe new life into your ride by simply replacing floor mats and updating the steering wheel, chair and dashboard covers. These covers are typically inexpensive but work magic for making your car feel brand new.

3. Upgrade the electronics.

Are you still turning a knob to tune your radio? Are you still sporting a cassette player? Sound and GPS systems can quickly become outdated as more modern entertainment systems emerge. It may be time to upgrade to a system that supports satellite radio or Bluetooth connection for music and hands-free phone use. Additionally, the proliferation of quality, affordable GPS systems makes it easier than ever to turn your dated dashboard into a cutting-edge control center.

4. Protect your paint.

A scratched, peeling or dull paint job can be a dead giveaway to your vehicle’s age, which in turn can make your driving experience less glamorous. To keep your car looking new, make regular waxing part of your cleaning habits. Waxing can protect your paint from chipping and airborne contaminants, and it can fill in unsightly scratches. If your car’s paint is already damaged beyond what can be managed with preventive care, hiring a reputable auto paint shop can make an enormous difference on the appearance of your car.

5. Get that new car smell back.

The nose knows, and a simple air freshener may not be enough to fool it. Your car’s air conditioning system is just as susceptible to mold and mildew as the air conditioning system in your home, so don’t skip out replacing the filters in your air conditioning system. This service is typically offered when you take your car to an auto shop for a routine oil change. You can use the AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator to search the thousands of AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities across North America.

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