Nothing strikes fear quite like looking down at the dashboard and seeing a warning light illuminated. Should I keep driving? Is my engine about to fall out? What is that shape even supposed to be?

The truth is, these lights can be anything from a friendly reminder to a dire warning. Here’s how you should react to a few of the most common car warning lights:

Did you know the colors of warning lights mean something, too? It’s just as you’d expect:

  • Green: No action needed—a feature is simply on or in use.
  • Yellow: Action required, but not urgent.
  • Red: Immediate action required.

Keep in mind that warning lights may differ by car manufacturer, and may even indicate a bigger underlying issue. A trusted car mechanic can help you get to the bottom of the problem and back on the road in no time.

Decode Your Warning Light

Head to your nearest AAA Approved Auto Repair facility, where a trusted mechanic can diagnose the cause of your car warning lights.

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