Keep these holiday culprits from dampening your seasonal spirit—and your safety. Here are three driving-related holiday safety tips.

When you’re rushed

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The scenario: One-quarter of Americans say the lack of time and energy during the holidays stresses them out.* That can lead to aggressive and distracted driving—including speeding and multitasking.

Holiday safety tip: Build plenty of time into your schedule, check traffic and weather in advance, input your destination to your GPS before you start driving—and, once you hit the road, stay focused on driving. Need to check your phone or take a call? Pull over.

When parking lots are packed

Holiday safety tip: Reverse parking is actually safer.

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The scenario: It’s no wonder 54 percent of people dread aggressive or thoughtless driving in store parking lots during the holidays.* Busy parking lots lead to more fender-benders and collisions, including cars hitting pedestrians.

Holiday safety tip: Head to stores during off-peak hours, choose faraway parking spots to avoid congestion, and use all your mirrors and backup camera.

When your normal routine is out the window

The scenario: The season takes us out of our typical schedules, leaving us more vulnerable to flubs like locking the keys in the car.

Holiday safety tip: Go through a short mental list after every drive: double check that your car is off and there are no warning sounds. Keep your keys on you—in a pants pocket, say, and check for them before closing car doors. And have the AAA Mobile app handy: Lockout help from AAA Roadside Assistance is just a tap away.

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*Source: Consumer Reports Holiday Poll, 2016

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