Breakdowns don’t just happen to cars, yet AAA is still there to help. Although many roadside assistance providers cover only your car, AAA can help get you out of a jam involving a variety of wheeled vehicles. Here are four ways AAA can help keep you rolling—whether you call on us with the AAA Mobile app or by phone:

1. When you’re exploring by bicycle and your front wheel locks up

AAA can send a technician to pick you up (as long as AAA can get to you from the roadside) and take you and your bicycle to safety.

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2. When you’re headed to the lake and your boat trailer blows a tire

Use the AAA Mobile app to request roadside assistance, however you’re getting around.

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AAA can change the tire for you when you have a properly inflated spare. (That also goes for trailers hauling Jet Skis, motorcycles, ATVs and more.)

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3. When you’re churning up dust and your ATV gets stuck in a ditch

AAA can pull you out and to safety—as long as you can be reached from the roadside. (You can get towing and fuel delivery, too.)

You can get this with Plus or Premier RV Membership (depending on where you live)

How a roadside problem made this member glad she chose AAA.

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4. When you’re tooling around the neighborhood on your golf cart and the battery dies

AAA can get you back home to plug the cart into its charger.

You can get this with all AAA Membership levels

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