Costumes, candy, parties, spooky decorations … Halloween fun is limitless when you can dress up as anything, eat bags of candy without judgment and turn your home into a haunted haven.

But spooky fun can easily become scary if you’re not careful. So when you’re searching for ways to be safe while trick-or-treating, also consider how you can ensure Halloween safety at your own home—for your family and guests.

With these eight ways to avoid hazards around your home, you can keep your Halloween festivities fun and on the right side of spooky:

Don’t let your home become a haunted house

1. Keep decorations secure and away from flammable items

One of the best parts of Halloween is the spooky decorations and lights. But if you’re not careful, your decorations could become a hazard. So this Halloween, ensure your decorations are secure and away from any flammable items—especially decorations made with paper.

2. Use LED lighting instead of lit candles

Your family carved the best pumpkins on the block, and it’s time to add a little light inside those ghoulish faces. But don’t let your jack-o’-lantern become a fire hazard—opt for electric tea lights instead of lit candles.

3. Ensure all smoke alarms work

If you’re planning a Halloween blowout, test all smoke alarms beforehand to help ensure the safety of your home, family and houseguests. Even after taking all necessary precautions, it’s better to be safe than sorry in case of accidents.

Clear up any potential tricks around your house

4. Free pathways from obstructions

Love to go the extra mile with your outdoor Halloween decorations? Be sure they don’t interfere with the walkway to your front door by securing railings, leveling out any uneven spots and turning on outside lighting, since you’ll have more visitors than usual. Hosting a spooky Halloween party? Consider electric candles or tap lights in the pathways inside your home so partygoers can easily see where they’re going.

5. Check your yard for hazards, too

How to stay safe while trick-or-treating or driving on Halloween.

Get the Tips

With candy on the brain, trick-or-treaters may want to take the fastest route to your front door—which, in many cases, is your yard—not the walkway. So, ensure that it’s free from hazards like large holes, branches, hoses and even potted plants that can be easily knocked over. For Halloween safety, consider raking leaves, trimming hedges and putting away garden tools in a secure location. If your neighborhood has a watch group, survey residential street lights and place a service request if any aren’t working.

Take charge of your treats

6. Be a responsible host

While Halloween parties rarely include eye of newt or toe of frog, a certain witch’s brew can still cause problems. Drinking and driving is always a serious risk to everyone on the road, but it can also impact you as a homeowner—even if you never get behind the wheel. In many states, a host who serves alcohol can be held liable for damages caused by an intoxicated guest. Coordinate designated drivers, use public transportation, utilize ride-sharing programs like Lyft or use AAA Tow to Go* to ensure everyone gets home safely. For party planning inspiration with alcohol-free drinks, see our Great Pretenders Holiday Guide.

7. Be ready with treats for everyone

For kids with food allergies (estimated at more than 5 million), the usual candy treats could hold hidden dangers. Enter the Teal Pumpkin Project, started by the Food Allergy Research & Education organization. A teal-colored jack-o’-lantern on the porch indicates that the homeowner has nonfood treats to hand out—like glow sticks, glow slap bracelets or stickers. Earn AAA Dollars on nonfood or allergy-free treats at Target, Walmart and more.

Cover your pumpkin

8. Evaluate your insurance

Your homeowners insurance may not cover circumstances that could happen during Halloween festivities, like injuries, lawsuits and other liability situations. One way to stay protected is to consider personal umbrella insurance, or extra liability insurance. It provides peace of mind for situations your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover—including injuries from a fall in or outside your home, injuries caused by a pet, food poisoning and auto accidents.

Umbrella insurance policies are designed to protect you from those financial burdens by providing a higher amount of coverage than what your home insurance covers. So when you’re evaluating your insurance policies and thinking about Halloween safety, ensure you’re protected.

Stay Protected

AAA insurance agents are a great resource to answer questions about your coverage, no matter what company is insuring you.

* Not available in Illinois and Minnesota.

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