Whether you go big or keep it simple, spring is a good time to make home improvements that can make your dwelling more valuable, more sustainable and more enjoyable.

Before you begin

Have a plan. The first step is deciding how extensive your project will be. Don’t begin work until you have a clear picture of exactly what you want to accomplish.

Set a budget. Do your homework and figure out what the job will cost. Include a contingency fund for unplanned expenses.

Know what’s DIY and what’s not. Once you identify the work you want to do, determine if you can do it yourself or if it’s time to hire a professional.

Ready to get started?

Here are three popular reasons to renovate, followed by home improvement ideas that require different levels of effort.

Home improvement ideas to increase property value

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Modest effort: Replace cabinetry hardware. Sometimes all it takes to give things a new look is to swap out old handles on bathroom or kitchen cabinetry. There are different hardware sizes, so take measurements before you buy.

Medium effort: Paint a makeover. Bring color back to your home in time for spring with a fresh coat of paint. Consider staying on the neutral side of the color palette if you plan to sell your home soon.

Major effort: Upgrade the kitchen. A kitchen makeover by a professional (new cabinets, countertops and/or lighting) can give the biggest return on your investment, but be ready to have your routine disrupted while they do the work.

Home improvement ideas to be more sustainable

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Modest effort: Install smart lights. A good first step toward creating a smart home is smart lights and hubs (the accessories that make the bulbs communicate with your devices). Control them with an app on your phone, smart speaker or even your smartwatch.

Medium effort: Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. Ready to replace an older washer, dryer, fridge or dishwasher? A new energy-efficient appliance may cost more initially, but using less energy can save you money in the long run.

Major effort: Optimize your smart home. For convenience, security and savings on your electric bill, you can control nearly everything in your home remotely—including thermostats, air conditioners, lights and garage doors—with a mobile device or smart speaker.

Home improvement ideas to create a more enjoyable space

Modest effort: Add mirrors. A simple way you can make any space feel bigger and lighter is to add mirrors. Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space, or to create a gallery wall with several mirrors. They don’t have to be new, either; you may spot a great find at a thrift shop or garage sale.

Medium effort: Organize the clutter. Create your own storage solution in the garage or a spare bedroom with plastic shelving units, storage bins or a piece of pegboard with hooks. You’ll free up space, make your home more attractive and have easy access to the items you’ve put away.

Major effort: Install a skylight. Natural light can be an instant mood booster, and if you properly select and install a skylight, you can increase your home’s efficiency by reducing heating, cooling and lighting costs.

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