Vacations are meant for decompressing, recharging and fleeing stress. One key to a worry-free vacation: knowing your house is secure—especially if you’ll be gone for an extended period (say, two weeks or more). If only for peace of mind, you should minimize household risks—everything from a burglary to a broken water pipe—that come with time away.

Here’s a checklist—a collection of simple but effective ways to help safeguard what’s probably your most valuable possession: your (temporarily vacant) home.

Meanwhile, something to keep in mind: Most standard home insurance providers only cover an unoccupied residence for a specific period of time. Have your AAA Insurance pro check your policy to see if it contains any such restrictions.

As for additional coverage while you’re away, travel insurance is relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider how much you could lose if something goes wrong before or during your journey. From trip cancellation to illness to lost baggage, costs can add up quickly.

Prep Your Home for Your Absence

Before you pack a bag, talk to an expert to make sure you’re covered.

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