We may be operating virtually for the foreseeable future—for our jobs, in our social engagements and as we keep in touch with family.

Although virtual meetings aren’t quite like being there in person, it’s fun and easy to be creative with them. Where can you imagine being for that next conference call? On a beach? On a mountaintop?

There are lots of possible virtual backgrounds that you can use. Only a few simple steps and you’re calling in from a more exciting place than your bonus room, personal gym, kitchen and—let’s be honest—your bed in your PJs.

Free virtual backgrounds from AAA

Each one is free to download. Here’s how:

Explore the virtual background categories by clicking an image below. When you find the virtual background you want, click or tap the image to open it at full size. Then right-click the image (on a computer) or long-press it (on a phone or tablet) to save it.

Upload your new background into the virtual conferencing platform of your choice (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams). Not every conferencing platform supports virtual backgrounds, and these horizontal images work better with computers, so check compatibility beforehand.

And just like that, you’re (almost) where you’d rather be.

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