Many renters assume that their landlord is responsible for replacing their possessions 
if a fire, tornado or other 
catastrophic event destroys
 the building. The hard truth?
 A landlord is responsible only for the structure itself.

Renters insurance protects you in more ways than you may expect. Here are four key situations when you might need renters coverage:

  1. 1. If property in your apartment is damaged.

    If there’s a fire in your apartment building, for example, your landlord’s insurance will cover damage to the building but not to your personal belongings. To cover things you own that were damaged, such as clothes, furniture and electronics, you’ll need renters insurance.

  2. 2. If someone is injured in your apartment.

    If you (or a pet that belongs to you) cause an accident and someone is hurt as a result, you may be held liable for the injury. Renters insurance—which includes liability coverage—can protect you by covering some or all of what you owe.

  3. 3. Belongings are stolen from your car.

    Your auto insurance probably won’t cover the loss when someone breaks into your car and steals a laptop computer or a set of golf clubs, but renters insurance will. It insures property in your car the same way it insures property in your apartment.

  4. 4. A neighbor’s property is damaged.

    You leave the water running in your tub, for example, and it overflows—leaking into the apartment below you and ruining some furniture. If you’re found liable for the damage, renters insurance will help pay for it.

Replacing a lifetime of things—from clothes and computers to TVs and furniture—would cost thousands. Because of the affordability of renters insurance—typically, policyholders pay between $10 and $25 a month—it’s an easy way to get peace of mind.

Are You Covered?

See how renters insurance through AAA can protect your belongings from life’s surprises.

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