Work-related driving

You may not be covered while your car is being used for business purposes, like when your son drives it to deliver pizzas or newspapers, or if you’re using it as a taxi, driving passengers for pay.

What you can do: If you’ll be driving as part of your job, tell your insurance agent, who can advise if they can cover your business or commercial use.

Friends or extended family

Someone who lives with you but is not listed on your policy (even a relative) might not be covered if they get into a crash while driving your car.

What you can do: If someone has regular use of your car, including a new teenage driver, let your agent know to add them to your policy.

Stolen property

Property stolen from your car will not be covered by your auto policy (although it may be covered by your homeowners insurance).

What you can do: Take valuable property with you, or lock it in the trunk out of view.

Outstanding loan amount

If you owe more on the loan or lease than your car’s actual cash value, you’ll have to pay the difference if it’s damaged in a crash and declared a total loss.

What you can do: Add a Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) waiver to your insurance policy, which covers the difference between the car’s value and what you owe.

After-market customizations

Upgraded parts, like a high-performance sound system or a custom paint job, likely won’t be covered by your auto insurance if the car is damaged or stolen.

What you can do: Ask your agent about the availability of an optional customized parts and equipment policy that covers after-market accessories.


When you ignore things on your car that need to be repaired, the resulting problems won’t be covered. A good example: Water damage to your car when an old windshield seal that’s not replaced leaks water.

What you can do: Have damaged or worn parts fixed before they lead to bigger problems.

Seeking Coverage?

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