It might not be something you think about, but your insurance needs and costs change over time. Here are just a few of the milestones that could influence your coverage.

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insurance milestones
  • Whether or not you were on your family’s plan, this is you leaving the nest and getting your first, very own insurance policy. If it’s auto, your driving record carries over, so hopefully you practiced safe driving for the best first discount. Or it could be renter’s insurance, if this means you’re getting your first apartment on your own.
  • Tying the knot is always a big life change, and insurance is no different. Fortunately, the insurance industry gives you and your new spouse a bit of a wedding present with lower rates on auto, life and homeowners.
  • It could mean a new car, a change in your life insurance or a new policy, but an addition to the family most certainly means change.
  • It’s the circle of insurance life. If you’re adding an additional driver, or if your student is heading off to school elsewhere, expect your policy to experience a tweak.
  • This is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and home insurance is part of the package. But it also affects the cost of your auto insurance (the neighborhood you’re in, your parking situation, and the list goes on), so make sure you talk with an agent about how The AAA Triple Check® could save you money.
  • Once you gracefully hit 50, insurance premiums usually drop—assuming, of course, you’ve gotten this far without too many dings and scratches. It’s good to loop back in with your agent to see if policies should change.
  • You’ve put in a long life of working hard and being responsible. And your insurance will reward you for that. No more commutes, the kids are on their own and you can finally live your life without (hopefully) too many cares in the world.

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