What would you do with a little extra money?

For tax year 2020, the average tax refund in the U.S. was $2,827, according to Bankrate.com. While many choose to use their refund money to pay off debt, invest or increase their savings, some might see that money as an opportunity to fund some fun.

Could this be an incentive to plan a family vacation? Add a game room to your home? Make a deposit on that recreational vehicle you’ve been eyeing?

In fact, you can spend that $2,827—and get discounts—with your AAA Membership. Click the icons below for a few ideas about what you can buy.

  • Ever thought of adding a game room or getting some exercise gear? The average cost of a home gym is about $2,000, while the low-end cost of a basic game room is around $3,000—both figures according to HomeAdvisor.
    Get started by earning dollars and discounts with AAA partners The Home Depot, Lowe’s or Ace Hardware.
  • How about adding an ATV to your fleet? You can get a starter model for around $3,000. Look for deals at GoRollick when you shop through the AAA Online Mall
  • Feeling generous? Treat someone you love or appreciate to a gift card. Earn AAA Dollars with digital gift cards from a wide selection of retailers.
    Some are sold in dollar increments; others let you apply a custom amount—even your entire refund, if you’d like.
  • Enter the magical world of Disney with discounts on area lodging. At press time, for instance, a AAA Members Hot Deal would get you a room with a king-size bed for $277.88 per night at the Orlando World Center Marriott.
    Get two rooms for the family and stay five nights for $2,778.80 (including taxes and fees). Learn more.
  • Still lugging around the same old luggage from your college days? Upgrade your set and earn AAA Dollars at Bed Bath & Beyond when you shop through AAA.com.
    You could use the rest of your refund to book a luxury weekend getaway at that AAA Diamond hotel.

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