Did you know there’s a way to get your AAA Membership for less—or even for free? With the AAA Dollars loyalty program, you get credit for some online purchases that can go toward your AAA renewal.

Take it from Bruce Ruegsegger, those credits can add up to big savings. Here’s how he earns free AAA Membership for some family members.

You save a lot shopping online. How do you do it?

I log on to the AAA site and shop at the stores where you get AAA Dollars toward your membership.

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What kinds of things do you buy?

My wife and I focus our main staple shopping around AAA Dollars—usually Walmart for household, yard and automotive supplies. I also do some construction on the side, and I can buy lumber and other materials from Home Depot.

So, how much have you saved?

Last year I saved enough to pay 100 percent of my two teenagers’ memberships and a good portion of my and my wife’s memberships.

Wow, that’s a big help!

It is. I feel like I get paid to be a member of AAA!

Save When You Spend

Earn AAA Dollars that will be deducted from your next membership renewal by shopping at our online mall.