The high price of prescription medicine can put a real dent in your budget. But thanks to AAA and GoodRx, you can curb some of those costs for your whole family, even your pets. Here’s how to get started—it’s free:

Medications can impact your driving ability.

Find Out How

Get the card and provide it to your pharmacist

Download the AAA Mobile app; then find your digital AAA-GoodRx Prescription card by tapping “View card” on your dashboard. Or get the card at your local AAA branch. Show the card to your pharmacist so they can store it in your prescription file.

Get the most savings with coupons

Visit to view coupons with the best price on medication. If insurance doesn’t cover your prescription or if you have high copays, deductibles or no insurance at all, the AAA-GoodRx prescription coupons can help you save up to 85%. Look up specific medications using the search bar and see where you can save the most.

Start saving now

GoodRx is a one-stop destination for finding prescription discounts online. Working with more than 70,000 pharmacies, it helps members get the lowest prices for their medicines. Participating pharmacies include Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and Kroger.

AAA Members can get even deeper discounts than nonmembers on generic, brand-name, specialty and pet prescriptions at GoodRx.

Save With the App

Get a digital version of your AAA-GoodRx Prescription Discount card and access other member benefits with the AAA Mobile app.

*Restrictions apply.