You receive a call offering free medical equipment. Sounds great, right? But there’s just one thing: They need you to confirm sensitive details like your health insurance numbers—details that your doctor already knows. Providing that information is a one-way ticket to becoming an identity theft victim.

This scenario is just one of many ways fraudsters steal personal information. Are you doing enough to protect your identity? In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission’s website received nearly 1.4 million reports of identity theft, about twice as many as in 2019.

Here is a dose of reality about identity theft, with five tips that could help you protect yourself.

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If you think you’re the victim of identity theft, it’s important to report it as quickly as possible. is the federal government’s one-stop resource. You can report identity theft and get checklists, sample letters and more to guide you through the recovery process.

Are You Protected?

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