AAA Member Carol Middleton never considered identity theft as a personal threat. She worked in finance for 25 years and knew how to be cautious. But when Eric Pfeifer—her AAA agent and family friend (pictured below)—recommended ProtectMyID, she signed up.

It was a good thing, too, because a couple of weeks later, ProtectMyID alerted Carol that someone was trying to access her credit.

So she immediately took action by going to and found the number to call. The representative handled the rest: walking Carol through the process, filing the fraud claim, and providing recommendations like contacting the Federal Trade Commission, filing a report with local police and extending her fraud alert.

“They made me feel like everything was going to be OK,” Carol recalls.

In time, everything was resolved—but Carol says if it weren’t for the alert from ProtectMyID, she could’ve lost money.

“Identity theft protection gives me peace of mind,” she says.

Free Protection Is Yours as a Member

Don’t wait for someone to steal your personal information—take control with ProtectMyID from AAA.

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