You might be surprised how far $20 can take you. Splurge, buy something useful or add it to your savings. You can even use it to make your life a little bit better.

Here are a few ideas for what to buy with $20:

1. Something smart

Having a high-tech smart home doesn’t take Bill Gates’ budget. Get started with a smart light bulb that you can control with your phone and a connected Google Home or Amazon Echo device.

2. Something handy

We all know that putting the phone down while driving is the smart choice, but what about when your GPS is leading the way? Keep the phone out of your hand—and your eyes on the road—with a phone mount for your car.

3. Something savvy

Sure, $20 is nice, but why not get a little more for your money? A $20 gift card to your favorite store might seem like an even trade, until you factor in the AAA Dollars you’ll earn when you buy one from the AAA Gift Card Center.

4. Something kind

The best use of money doesn’t always get you something new. Why not give your $20 to a cause you believe in. It won’t put anything new in your closet, but it’ll make you feel better than any new shirt could.

How Do You Get $20?

It’s not cold hard cash, but when you give a Gift Membership or Refer a Friend to AAA, you can save $20 on your next AAA Membership renewal. Plus—your gift recipient or friend will also save $20 on their next membership renewal.