Now, more than ever, travelers are realizing that having the freedom to explore the world is priceless—not only see the Earth’s wonders, but to discover new cultures and meet new people. Trusted AAA tour partner, Trafalgar, helps unlock the world for eager explorers, with more than 300 trips to 70-plus countries. Each trip comes with the peace of mind of Trafalgar’s emphasis on your health and well-being, as well as the guarantee that you’ll savor not just sights and sounds but experiences, too. From insider access to memorable encounters with locals, here are five ways you can tour differently with Trafalgar.

Help strengthen the fabric of a community.

Trafalgar’s Make Travel Matter® experiences are rooted in the idea that travelers can have a positive impact on places they visit by supporting local artisans, helping support conservation efforts, or simply absorbing the stories and histories of ancient cultures.

Among the amazing experiences:

  • Ride an open-air 4X4 vehicle amid the sandstone buttes of Arizona’s Monument Valley with a Navajo guide, learning about the tribe’s history and traditions along the way. Then, enjoy a fireside cookout.
  • In the Black Hills of South Dakota, hear tales of the Lakota tribe during a festive dinner with storyteller Stephen Yellowhawk.
  • Visit the Musk Ox Farm near Palmer, Alaska, where conservationists have worked to save the once nearly extinct musk ox since the 1960s as you learn about how this nonprofit organization promotes sustainable agriculture practices.
  • In Northern Ireland, discover the legend of the Giant’s Causeway and learn how your visit helps conserve this iconic natural landmark as you explore it with an expert.
  • Stop in the historic Italian city of Perugia to meet one of the country’s last remaining Renaissance weavers and learn how she creates one-of-a-kind pieces on her 500-year-old loom. Watch the video below to hear her story.


See iconic sights through a local’s eyes.

On a Trafalgar tour, you won’t spend your vacation lining up for hours with other sightseers or wandering aimlessly past the world’s landmarks. Instead, you’ll have a local expert to show you the way, giving you behind-the-scenes access that you couldn’t get on your own and share insights that can only come from a local’s perspective.

Among the amazing experiences:

  • Gaze in wonder at the Habsburg royal collection of art at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria, during a private visit before the museum opens to the public.
  • Get a glimpse of Neuschwanstein Castle (said to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle) towering over the German countryside, and learn about shy King Ludwig II who built it as a place where he could retreat from public life.
  • Take a deep dive into the mind of Leonardo da Vinci in his Italian birthplace, where a local guide will take you inside Museo Leonardiano, dedicated to the renowned artist’s life.
  • Enjoy a VIP after-hours visit to the Vatican, with a crowd-free viewing of Michelangelo’s frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel and a private meal on-site. Watch the video below to see more Rome favorites with one of Trafalgar’s local guides.


Spend the night in some of the world’s most breathtaking hotels.

When you take a Trafalgar vacation, there’s no need to worry about booking your own hotel—it’s handled for you. And you can also rest assured that each place you stay will not only be comfortable and luxurious, but it will probably have a unique story behind it, too.

Among the amazing experiences:

  • Stay the night at Canada’s Castle-in-the-Rockies, the Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta. This luxury mountain resort has been wowing guests with its spectacular scenery for more than 125 years.
  • Feel like royalty at Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland. This 800-year-old, 350-acre estate was once home to the famed Guinness family.
  • Sleep under the stars (if you can tear your eyes away from the Arctic sky views, that is) in the glass-roofed Aurora Cabins at Apukka Resort in northern Finland.
  • Spend the night where the polar bears do at the remote Frontiers North’s Tundra Buggy Lodge in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada, home to the world’s largest concentration of polar bears.
  • While exploring Denmark, step into decades of Danish history and in the footsteps of aristocrats and royals with a stay in the 17th-century Phoenix Hotel in Copenhagen. Watch the video below to learn more.

Dive into local cultures and traditions.

These days, travelers are looking for more from their vacations than just seeing a place. They want to get to know the culture and the people—and Trafalgar makes it easy with itineraries that let you see, hear and taste some of the most time-honored traditions in the places you’re visiting.

Among the amazing experiences:

  • During a trip to Lynchburg, Tennessee, sip whiskey at the Nearest Green Distillery, named for Nathan “Nearest” Green, who was the first African American master distiller. Today, this minority-led business keeps his legend alive. (Word is, he even taught Jack Daniel a thing or two).
  • Join David Monson, operator of the Trail Breaker Kennel in Fairbanks, Alaska, and owner of Yukon Quest-champion Alaskan huskies, for a home-cooked meal before watching the sled dogs in action.
  • Take a journey along the Civil Rights Trail and meet the Carlton Reese Choir in Alabama. Hear about the origins of gospel music and the “freedom songs” that greeted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his visits to the state and enjoy a soul food dinner.
  • Visit France without leaving North America in the seaside town of Saint-Pierre, in the only area of North America still under French control, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
  • Experience Scotland’s tradition of whisky distilling with a tour and tasting at Glengoyne, considered the country’s most beautiful whisky distillery. Watch the video below to learn more.

Share the table (and traditional dishes) with locals.

One of the best ways to understand and enjoy the character of a place is through food. That’s why so many travelers seek ways to immerse themselves in their destination’s food scene whether by exploring the local market or dining in farm-to-table restaurants. Trafalgar takes it a step further with its Be My Guest experiences, which welcome travelers into the homes and dining rooms of residents.

Among the amazing experiences:

  • On a tour of the central California coast, join the mother-daughter team behind The Groves on 41, an olive oil farm that offers alfresco dining featuring dishes (including ice cream) made with their award-winning olive oils.
  • Enjoy a locally sourced meal at O’o Farm in Hawaii and hear the story of how two surfers kickstarted Maui’s farm-to-table movement.
  • Get a fascinating look at French aristocracy when you join the Montferrier family for a three-course meal at their 17th-century chateau and farm in France’s Loire Valley.
  • Experience farm life in Hvar, Croatia, and feast on lamb and fresh octopus, sourced locally and cooked in clay pots without electricity.
  • In Italy, visit Il Leccio, home of the Landi family, and sit down to a three-course Tuscan dinner. Watch the video below for authentic cooking tips from Trafalgar Be My Guest host Giada Landi.

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