All-inclusive resorts give you the freedom to simply relax and enjoy the moment—knowing your room, meals and activities are covered in one fixed, up-front price. Here’s how all-inclusive resorts helped create memorable vacations for four very different AAA Members:

The solo traveler

Are you an all-inclusive resort novice? Here are some tips for going all-in.

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Susanne Hohlen took her first all-inclusive resort vacation eight years ago, when she and her husband visited Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. After her husband passed away, she went back to the same resort each year with friends—and eventually on her own. “I’d gotten to know the staff and vice versa,” says Susanne. “I always felt they were looking out for me.”

She credits the resort’s security measures—such as the pre-booked hotel shuttle from the airport and the guarded gate—with making her feel safe, but it’s the opportunity to connect with other travelers that keeps her coming back. “I’ve established friendships with some of the frequent vacationers, and they sometimes invite me to join them for dinner. People are very kind.”

The matriarch

Three times when using a travel agent is better than searching Google.

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When Sandy C. asked her husband what he’d like for his 70th birthday, he said he wanted to take the whole family on a trip—somewhere they, their two sons and their wives, and their 7- and 10-year-old grandsons could all have a good time. Sandy’s AAA Travel Advisor suggested a family-focused, all-inclusive resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands. “They had something for everybody,” says Sandy. “We didn’t do everything, but we gave it our best shot.”

The on-site water park (complete with a lazy river and water slides) delighted the kids, while activities like snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding kept everyone busy. The best part for Sandy and her husband? Spending time with the grandkids while the kids’ parents took time for themselves. “We felt like we hit a home run,” she says. “We pleased everybody.”

The romantic

Tom Snyder and his wife, Mallory, started a family tradition when they took their first all-inclusive resort vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica, four years ago. “We enjoy the pampering,” says Tom, “and the fact that we can go and unplug and not have to worry about a thing for the time that we’re there.”

Sometimes that pampering goes above and beyond—like two years ago, when the couple had planned to re-create a dinner from their first trip at a nearby property. When flash flooding kept them from leaving the resort, the staff quickly set up an on-site dinner—with no wait for a table. “We came back to our room, and there was a bath drawn with flowers floating on top,” says Tom. “They really pay a lot of attention to their guests and meet their needs.”

The planning pro

Each time Linda Witte has planned an all-inclusive resort stay—on both coasts of Mexico—she’s taken a different approach. “I’ve gone with just my husband. We took our kids when our daughter was a senior in high school. We’ve gone with another couple, and I’ve gone with just the girls,” says Linda.

Thanks to the variety of options out there, she always finds a getaway to suit the group: a resort with a giant pool for the kids, one with a really good beach for the girls and, for active types, a place near town with plenty to do, from dance lessons to bingo nights. And for herself? Off-property excursions are a must. “I want to see the beauty of the country and get exposed to the people and the culture.”

Are You All In?

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