Exploring new places and getting to know the people in them has always fascinated AAA Member Christine Duffy. Her mother is from France, and a lot of her family still live there, so travel has always been a part of her life. It’s also her career.

Duffy has been helping others see the world for more than 30 years, first as a travel agent, then as CEO of a travel company and cruise line association, and now as president of Carnival Cruise Line.

Travel, Duffy says, can help you connect with the things you’re most passionate about.

“It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent in a new city or country, it’s never enough time to see and do everything,” she says. “It’s in those must-do activities and must-see sights that you can learn a lot about what’s important to you. It is also so special to leave your home and find comfort in new places. It’s when I really immerse myself in the place I’m visiting that I feel the most ‘me.’”

Touching on topics ranging from what to expect from Carnival to the value of her AAA Membership, here is more insight from Christine Duffy:

What do you and your family do for fun when you travel?

I know this may sound simple, but we really just focus on spending quality time together when we travel. We all have such busy lives, so when we’re able to get away and enjoy a few days of “us” time, we take advantage of that. We put the phones away and live in the present. It doesn’t matter if we’re relaxing on a beach, sailing on one of our ships or just playing games at our house in Cape May [New Jersey], we have the most fun when we’re together.

What can cruisers look forward to with Carnival?

Everything we do centers around fun and making sure our guests have the best vacations possible. As we continue to innovate, we find new ways for our guests to relax, recharge and create memories with family and friends.

We’ve developed exciting and unique onboard dining options like breweries where we make our own craft beer and food outlets like Bonsai Sushi, Bonsai Teppanyaki, Guy’s Burger Joint and Guy’s Pig & Anchor (developed by longtime partner and Food Network star Guy Fieri). We’ve also enhanced internet and technology capabilities, including innovations to our HUB app that now allows guests to get pizza and drinks delivered to them anywhere on board.

And coming soon, we will be introducing the first roller coaster at sea, among many other things, on board our new liquified natural-gas-powered ship Mardi Gras, debuting in 2020.

What excites you about the future of travel?

We are so much busier than our parents’ generations, so we need ways to unwind and connect with our loved ones away from our responsibilities. Now with affordable travel options like cruising, there is more of an appetite to get out and see the world. Right now, multigenerational travel and millennial cruising are trending in the industry and therefore continue to be key focuses for Carnival. More than ever, we’re seeing that our guests want truly personalized experiences for every member of their family where each of their wants and needs is catered to and exceeded.

How long have you been a member of AAA?

As long as I can remember—my husband and I encourage all of our friends and family to do the same. We can’t imagine traveling without the 24/7 support and comfort of AAA. My husband and I gift memberships to our immediate and extended family to make sure they receive all of the great AAA benefits! We feel better knowing that they have the assistance of AAA if they need it.

What do AAA and travel mean to you?

For AAA and Carnival alike, safety is at the core of what we do. As a AAA Member, I’m proud to work together in inspiring people to travel frequently and safely.

What’s Your Passion for Travel?

Whatever it is that captures your heart, let these ideas inspire you to build your next vacation around it.

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