Just because you’re practicing social distancing at home doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your wanderlust. Many travel destinations offer online perspectives of their attractions, through webcams, virtual tours, podcasts and so on. This is the perfect time to indulge your appetite for new sights—and to do a little prep for when you’re ready to travel again.

1. Well-Traveled with AAA

If online experiences have you yearning for the real thing, Well-Traveled with AAA can help you stay inspired. Watch or listen to travel stories about unique experiences and incredible destinations that take you around the globe. These podcasts (available free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify) and webcasts offer an ideal way to virtually leave your living room and get expert travel advice for when you’re ready to go.

2. Africa Awaits

Explore the beauty that will greet you with a trip to Africa. From watching giraffes walk in unison across the savannah to exploring what areas such as Kenya and Zimbabwe have to offer, our Africa Awaits online feature is full of photos, videos and information.

3. Yellowstone National Park in 3D

If you want to zero in on a very specific aspect of nature, this site can take you where you’ve never been: inside a geyser. Through 3D modeling, Yellowstone in 3D provides an in-depth look at three Yellowstone geysers: Lone Star, Old Faithful and Castle. Controls allow you to zoom in, rotate, and view the geyser from overhead and underneath. Informational pop-up windows describe what you’re seeing.

4. Live local webcams

Get away in your very own state with local virtual experiences. Dreaming of a hike in a specific state park? In Minnesota, for example, you’ll find panoramic tours of parks and trails from across the state. If bridges, ports and windmills are calling, Michigan offers links to live cameras.

5. Georgia Aquarium

Explore a barrier reef without putting on a diving suit, or hang out with the penguins and never leave your living room. Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium offers webcams that allow you to view these creatures and others in their habitats. And if you’re in the mood for some relaxation, there’s nothing like the hypnotic grace of the jellyfish to put your mind and body at ease.

6. Vatican Museums

Perhaps you’d like to switch your ordinary indoors for something a bit more memorable. How about the Sistine Chapel? Vatican Museums offers virtual tours throughout the Vatican. And unlike a physical tour, the virtual experience lets you get as close to the artwork as you want—even on the ceiling—so you can immerse yourself in every beautiful detail.

7. Explore.org

Want to see animals around the world with just a shift of your mouse? Explore.org offers webcams that take you to the bald eagles nesting near Decorah, Iowa; Tembe Elephant Park in Emangusi, South Africa; the walruses at Pacific Walrus Beach in Round Island, Alaska; and many other places (including a puppy nursery). And there’s more than just animals: Check out the surf at Ehukai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii.

The World Is Yours to Explore—Virtually

Well-Traveled with AAA offers two ways to explore: podcasts featuring in-depth conversations with travel experts, and interactive webcasts on types of travel and more.

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