As you plan to travel again, find peace of mind when you search for a hotel room.

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Most hotels have remained open and are taking new precautions to ensure the cleanliness of their rooms and common areas. For policies at specific hotels, visit their websites for information, but here are some of the new procedures you can expect:

Hotel cleanliness and disinfection standards

The AAA Diamond program includes in-person inspections. Use the “AAA Best of Housekeeping” filter to find hotels that meet general cleanliness standards.

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Just as you’re paying more attention to cleaning and disinfecting your home, hotels are taking similar steps. They’re using hospital-grade cleaning products throughout the hotel and, in guest rooms, they’re disinfecting high-touch areas such as light switches and door handles.

Similar precautions are being taken in lobbies and other common places, such as elevators. When permitted to open, areas such as fitness centers, swimming pools and meeting rooms will be cleaned more often with disinfecting chemicals. Some areas may also be sanitized with electrostatic fogging, ozone generators or ultraviolet devices.

Modified reservation policies

Though policies differ by hotel and the type of rate you receive, hotels have updated reservation policies to account for the current environment. Carefully check the terms and conditions when you book—many AAA rates allow for cancellations and changes.

Contactless check-in and checkout

Expect continued convenience when using hotel apps. From your smartphone, you can check in and out, order room service and, at some hotels, even enter your room.

Updated housekeeping procedures

Having a hotel employee clean your room when you aren’t there will no longer be the standard. Instead, they will enter your room only if you request it.

Fewer unnecessary items in the hotel

From brochures and magazines in the lobby to decorative pillows and notepads in your room, hotels plan to remove items that aren’t vital. This focus on simplicity will help reduce your chances of touching things that have been handled by others.

Grab-and-go breakfast offerings

Breakfast rooms and buffets may be closed to help prevent guests from congregating in one spot. Replacing them will be more prepackaged options that you can take to your room or on the go.

Sanitizing stations for guests

Get a list of essentials to bring on your next road trip.

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Similar to malls and other public places, hotels are adding prominently placed hand sanitizer and disinfecting-wipe stations at entrances and other high-traffic areas. However, you should still plan to bring hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other items that help you feel confident (such as pillow cases).

More staff training and specialized help

Hotel staff will see increased COVID-19 awareness training and specific requirements for wearing protective equipment, washing hands and staying at home when unwell. Some hotel companies plan to add specialists at every hotel to ensure that the new procedures are being followed.

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