Every year, Americans spend well over half a trillion dollars on leisure travel. But what unintended impact do those untold number of trips have on the world? Discover why it’s so important to be a more responsible traveler—and how you can do it.

Be Sustainable

With so many people traversing the globe, there can be a significant impact on the environment. Traveling more sustainably helps ensure that the world is something worth seeing for generations to come.

Be Respectful

One of the best parts of travel is discovering unique, vibrant cultures around the world. When you encounter unfamiliar customs, embrace your position as an outsider and take the opportunity to soak in a new perspective.

Be Generous

Sadly, many of the most breathtaking destinations are burdened with economic, social or environmental problems. It’s almost impossible to not be inspired to make a difference. Take the opportunity to give back to the people who live in your vacation destination.

Plan a Voluntourism Vacation

Make a difference on your next trip. Here are 10 vacations that help you give back.