There’s a tasty meal—and then there’s the AAA Five Diamond experience. This exclusive group features the best-of-the-best in service, atmosphere and, of course, cuisine as reviewed by one of our undercover reviewers. And perhaps no city is better prepared to take the exacting standards of a Five-Diamond restaurant to the next level than Las Vegas.

So the next time you’re in this desert destination of entertainment, treat yourself at one of these Las Vegas fine dining restaurants.

1. Joel Robuchon

The legendary French chef—who racked up a record number of Michelin stars—passed away in 2018, but his cuisine lives on in more than a dozen eponymous restaurants around the world. His eatery in the MGM Grand is among his most lavish. Designed to mirror an art deco townhouse, this Las Vegas fine dining restaurant wows diners with black-and-white marble floors, a garden terrace and a dining room draped in purple velvet.

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How to do it right: Executive Chef Christophe De Lellis recommends first-timers start with the degustation (or tasting) menu. With 16 courses, it offers a sampling of all the signature plates. And try to nab a terrace table to feel like you’re dining in a lush, intimate garden. “Guests love this private area because they forget about the hustle and bustle of the casino floor outside the restaurant,” says De Lellis.

Chef’s to-die-for dish: De Lellis’s fave is the La Langoustine (langoustine ravioli with foie gras sauce and black truffles). “This is a classic dish of Chef Robuchon’s that truly embodies his cooking philosophy: simplicity treated with sophistication.”

Save room for: The bread cart offers up to 16 types of loaves, and the dessert cart holds 38 different delights. There’s even a tea cart with fresh-made infusions, a cognac cart and a cheese cart.

Take-home tip: Impress dinner party guests with Chef Robuchon’s famous mashed potato recipe. “It is simple and familiar, yet rich and luxurious and perfect to serve with meat or fish,” says De Lellis.

Joel Robuchon Mashed Potato Recipe


  • 500 grams fingerling potatoes (about a pound)
  • 125 grams French Echire butter
  • 50 grams milk (about a quarter cup)
  • Salt (to taste)

Boil the potatoes in the skin; peel the skin off after cooking and put into a potato ricer, then slowly add the butter, milk and salt.

2. Le Cirque

An outgrowth of the original Le Cirque, which opened in New York City in 1974, the Vegas version inside Bellagio Resort & Casino carries on the circus theme with a dining room created by renowned restaurant and hotel designer Adam Tihany. A ceiling festooned in jewel-toned silk and playful murals on the walls add to what Executive Chef Alan Mardonovich calls the restaurant’s “whimsical yet elegant feel.”

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How to do it right: Mardonovich suggests the five-course degustation menu: “We engineered a set menu that showcases the best of what Le Cirque has to offer,” he says, “while still allowing patrons to personally pick and choose how they want to explore each course.” You can try everything from Maryland blue crab with Russian caviar to Le Cirque’s famed chocolate ball dessert. (Have your camera ready as your server pours chocolate sauce over this perfect sphere, which melts away to reveal white chocolate ice cream with hazelnut caramel crunch inside.)

Chef’s to-die-for dish: Mardonovich’s pick is the Mediterranean sea bass for “how it is beautifully wrapped in potato, the combination of flavors with the pinot noir reduction and the way the fish melts in your mouth.”

Save room for: Diners leave with a small jewelry box filled with assorted petits fours—a little something to remember their experience.

Take-home tip: Mardonovich believes the perfect get-together is as much about who you invite as what you serve. “If it were up to me,” he says, “every dinner party would include Champagne, caviar and great company!”

3. Picasso

When they say “only in Vegas,” this is what they mean. At the Bellagio’s other AAA Five Diamond restaurant, you can feast on haute cuisine while surrounded by priceless works of art—original paintings and ceramics by Pablo Picasso, to be exact. Just as priceless are the French- and Spanish-inspired dishes created by Executive Chef Julian Serrano, each one its own work of art.

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How to do it right: Order the four-course tasting menu with wine pairings—and get a seat on the outdoor patio overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio. A new dance of water, light and music begins every 30 or 15 minutes, depending on when you’re there.

Chef’s to-die-for dish: “The roasted pigeon with wild rice risotto is a personal and guest favorite,” says Serrano. “It always positively surprises our guests with its dynamic combination of flavors and beautiful presentation.”

Save room for: The Las Vegas fine dining restaurant’s wine cellar is stocked with more than 1,500 wines from European vineyards. Ask your server to help pair the perfect vintage with your meal.

Take-home tip: Serrano has two suggestions for dinner party hosts. First, make sure your table gives a good first impression. “Set the table using your best dishes, silverware, glassware, etc.,” he says. And second: Keep it simple! “Only showcase recipes that you have mastered, and create a clean presentation.”

4. Restaurant Guy Savoy

The Las Vegas fine dining outpost of chef Guy Savoy’s original Paris eatery brings the French chef’s renowned creations to Caesars Palace. Chef Julien Asseo brings to life classic Savoy dishes and serves them up in a dining room that’s essentially a twin of the Paris version—only the Eiffel Tower on view from the terrace is the glittering symbol of the Paris Las Vegas resort across the street.

Chef’s to-die-for dish: General Manager Alain Alpe’s choice—if he has to pick only one—is the artichoke and black truffle soup. It’s served on the side with a mushroom brioche, toasted and topped with truffle butter. Alpe recommends dipping the brioche in the soup for the combination of flavors. “This signature dish has been on the menu forever,” says Alpe. “The brioche reminds Guy Savoy of his youth, since every child in France gets a brioche as an afternoon snack.”

Save room for: At this Las Vegas fine dining restaurant, there’s a cart offering eight different Champagnes by the glass, along with a bread cart with 10 kinds to choose from. But it doesn’t stop there: Other carts serve up butter, cheese, dessert and after-dinner drinks.

If you can swing it: Reserve a spot at Guy Savoy’s Krug Chef’s Table (it’s the only one like it in the United States). For $500 per person, you’ll get a 10-course meal prepared in front of you, along with two glasses of Krug Champagne. Oh la la, indeed!

Take-home tip: Alpe believes anyone can create a Five-Diamond experience at home, with some simple advice. “You will have to pick the best ingredients, pay attention to every detail and put all your heart into it.”

Fine Dining in the Desert

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