We live in uncertain times, but one thing’s for sure: We still want to get away. And that means travel is as alive as ever—and so are travel trends. Here are the latest ones to try in 2022.

The trip of a lifetime

A lot of people are looking to take their once-in-a-lifetime trip a little sooner than they did before the pandemic. The current uncertainty has triggered a want for bigger adventures and living in the moment. There’s been a reset of our priorities, and visiting the places we always wanted to experience has come to the forefront. Think epic adventures and wonders-of-the-world kind of travel.

Go with the stream

An interesting thing happened while we were locked down and streaming away. We started taking notice of the settings of movies and TV shows we watched. And now that the world is opening back up, we want to experience in person the places we could only encounter virtually. Towns all over the world are getting boosts from the beauty, quaintness, and grandeur we watched and then researched while at home. More than ever, our flat-screens now play a big part in influencing the destinations we visit.

Sustainable travel

Whether it’s partaking in community tourism or going on an eco-friendly getaway, interest in sustainable tourism activities continues to rise. We have a greater drive to preserve cultures, sites, and attractions and keep small businesses going, making sure the places we hold dear are there for the next generation. More than resort trips, there’s a much bigger interest in seeing places like Iceland, Costa Rica and Yellowstone to experience the wonders of nature.

Weekend getaways

We’re traveling more in shorter spurts, such as long weekends. Basically, we’re trying to get in as much as possible to make up for lost time. Packing a bag and escaping our homes (where we’ve both lived and worked) via planes, trains and automobiles, we’re heading to nearby destinations, whether it’s just to recharge or mix things up. Bed and breakfasts, trips to a lake, hiking trails, and other outdoor destinations are top choices.


To no one’s surprise, one of the biggest travel trends is packing your home into a mobile home and just going. It’s a way that allows us the best of both worlds: mobility and comfort. There’s no schedule to keep—it’s just you and your loved ones hitting the open road full of possibilities. RV sales and rentals have hit an all-time high as people are looking for ways to get out with less risk. All you need is your trusty GPS, some supplies and, just like that, you’re liberated.

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