Travel opens up a world of delights, including the opportunity to pursue your passions while discovering new places. Whatever it is that captures your heart—from food to nature and beyond—you can build your next vacation around it.

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Passion for travel: Becoming one with nature

How best to commune with nature? Let us count three ways—on three continents:

1. Africa: Greet the sun as it rises over the savanna; it’s one of the best times of day for a game drive. Safari vacations in countries like Tanzania and Botswana offer soul-stirring views of not only the vast countryside but also of amazing creatures—lions, zebras, elephants and more—in their wild homes.

2. North America: Discover the beauty of the United States in its national parks. Two standouts: Utah’s Arches National Park, where the Devils Garden Trail takes walkers to epic Landscape Arch, and Montana’s Glacier National Park, where the Going-to-the-Sun Road provides one of the park system’s most spectacular drives.

3. Antarctica: Embark on an expedition cruise to this rugged land and get swept away by the icy expanses, towering peaks, and millions of squawking, waddling and absolutely enchanting penguins. Along the way, watch for seabirds as you cross the Drake Passage and score whale, seal and penguin sightings in the South Shetland Islands.

Passion for travel: Making the world a better place

If you yearn to make your travel matter, consider giving back while you’re there. You can enrich your journey by opting for a trip that includes volunteer work—such as contributing to a building project in India before boarding a river cruise on the Ganges, or spending a morning during an African safari building and delivering a school desk to a classroom in need. You could even live for four days with the Maasai Mari community in Kenya, helping build a school and immersing yourself in day-to-day life there.

Another way to make a difference: Choose a cruise, tour company, hotel or resort that supports environmental causes and uses sustainable practices, such as employing local people and recycling, or eliminating single-use plastics. Ask your travel advisor to point you to socially conscious providers, and review their responsible tourism policies.

While traveling, you can help, too, through basic actions such as reusing towels, declining single-use straws and water bottles, and choosing to spend your money in the community by eating locally grown foods and buying locally made handicrafts.

Passion for travel: Showing your kids the world

There’s something magical about family vacations—seeing the wonder in your loved ones’ eyes as you discover new places together. Here are four tried-and-true ways to do it:

1. Hit the road: There’s nothing like the classic road trip for showing kids what America is all about. Involve them in the planning, whether they research and pick three regional foods to try or use the maps and travel guides in the AAA Mobile app to, say, select a scenic route or historical site to visit. You can set out from home and drive, or fly and rent a car in a part of the country the family is eager to explore.

2. Go with a guide: Guided trips have come a long way, with many geared toward families and packed with unique experiences that immerse kids in local culture, history and landscapes. In Alaska, you might pan for gold with a local prospector one day and snuggle with real-life Iditarod dogs the next. Best of all: Adults get to relax and enjoy family time while someone else takes care of the details and navigating.

3. Hop on a cruise: Whether in the Caribbean, Alaska or even Europe, sailing to a new port each day is an exciting way for kids to experience several places on a single journey. The convenience factor can’t be beat, either: Unpack once, and your cabin is home for the duration—a stability that kids often enjoy. On ship, youngsters can meet new friends at supervised clubs, while grownups can lounge on deck or catch a show.

4. Love Disney? If your family’s passion is all things Mickey, you already know a trip to a Disney theme park is a surefire way to delight. But did you know Adventures by Disney offers guided land vacations in the United States and abroad, while Disney Cruise Lines provides fun on the high seas? Both focus on igniting kids’ curiosity about new places and cultures through unique experiences. One example: going behind the scenes at a Broadway theater where a Disney production is playing to explore the set and even try on costumes.

Passion for travel: Being with your besties

Travel brings us closer, but when friends are far-flung, it’s a good idea to call in the pros for that girls’ getaway or guys’ golf trip. A travel advisor can do the heavy (often time-consuming) lifting, such as planning the itinerary, booking connecting flights from multiple cities or scoring you seven rooms on the same hotel floor.

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Passion for travel: Enhancing your health

Cruising has evolved to include plenty of ways to boost your well-being, such as:

  • Exotic wellness excursions, like a visit to curative mud baths in Spain.
  • River cruises with onshore cycling trips and top-deck yoga sessions.
  • Thalassotherapy pools for a flowing saltwater massage of tired muscles.

Passion for travel: Savoring new flavors

If you love food, you know that seeking out culinary experiences is one of the best ways to connect with the character of a place. Here are a few ways to do it:

On an ocean cruise

Classes and workshops: Choose a ship that offers hands-on instruction in a state-of-the-art culinary center.

Local flavor: In ports, “discovery tours” take you into private homes, shops and more to learn about local cuisine.

Chef’s choice: Vacation with some of the world’s most talented chefs on a culinary-themed cruise.

On a river cruise

Classes and workshops: During private tastings at European vineyards, learn about winemaking from the vintners themselves.

Local flavor: River cruise menus reflect regional specialties—wines from nearby vineyards, traditional dishes and beloved desserts.

Chef’s choice: Choose a cruise that allows you to watch and engage with the chef as they prepare a multicourse meal.

On land

Classes and workshops: Many guided tours include hands-on classes. Learn mango carving in Laos or how to make ceviche—beachside!—in Costa Rica.

Local flavor: Spice up local cuisine by dining in an authentic setting—Moroccan fare under the stars or pasta on a Tuscan farm.

Chef’s choice: Walking tours like the Charleston Chef’s Kitchen Tour take you behind the scenes to meet chefs and taste top dishes.

Passion for travel: Fueling your inner explorer

Small-ship expeditionary cruises are a great way to explore the earth’s nooks and crannies. Here’s how two—in very different parts of the world—stack up.

Galapagos Islands

The lure: Roughly 600 miles off Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, this protected national park consists of 20 main islands and is considered one of the world’s best spots for wildlife viewing.

How to go: A small-ship cruise is the best way to visit several islands. You’ll walk, hike, snorkel and ride inflatable boats to explore the islands’ fascinating natural features and animal populations.

“Ahhh” moment: The animals in Galapagos are not afraid of humans, so snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters while sea lions dart around you playfully is a unique, unforgettable experience.

Can’t get enough? Add on a jaunt to legendary Machu Picchu in neighboring Peru.


The lure: With about 40% of the nation above the Arctic Circle, Norway features mountains, glaciers and a rugged coastline broken up by thousands of fjords and islands.

How to go: Norway’s splendid scenery is never in short supply. Cruises focus on the picturesque coastline, while land trips can include Flam Railway, considered one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys.

“Ahhh” moment: Sailing deep into a fjord—Norway has more than 1,000—is a lesson in nature’s majesty, as you’re surrounded by snow-capped mountains, quaint villages and waterfalls cascading into the water below.

Can’t get enough: Visit the Svalbard islands, famous for their resident polar bears.

Passion for travel: Enjoying the finer things

If you’re happiest when you can experience a little bit of pampering, an all-inclusive resort is a luxurious choice.

Sparkling swimming pools (seven of them!) overlook white-sand beaches at AAA Three Diamond Iberostar Selection Cancun, where you can indulge affordably. Up your pleasure quotient by choosing an oceanfront villa with direct access to the pool.

At AAA Four Diamond Anse Chastanet Resort, you can gaze at both St. Lucia’s Petit and Gros Piton mountains. The vibe is old-school Caribbean—peaceful and nature-focused, with walls that open to blissful ocean breezes and a priceless view.

For the ultimate escape, AAA Five Diamond Rosewood Mayakoba, Riviera Maya is surrounded by an emerald jungle in a 1,600-acre enclave that sits on a mile-long arc of white Caribbean sand. Three infinity pools add to the luster.

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