How does AAA help you save on road trips?
We use the Hertz discount on rental cars whenever we travel. And we’ve been able to save on hotels too.

How often are you on the go?
My wife and I travel about twice a year, and we always take advantage of the Hertz savings. We’ve rented cars during trips to Maui, Grand Cayman and Massachusetts, as well as for a drive to the Florida Keys.

Here are seven things not to do when renting a car.

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Is it easy to get the discount?
We don’t even have to think about it! We just call Tracy, our AAA travel advisor, and she applies all the discounts for us—from rental cars to hotels. She always dials us into the best deal.

How else does AAA make your life easier?
It’s the reassurance of knowing that no matter where you’re traveling in your vehicle, if something happens, help is just a phone call away.

Enjoy Exclusive Member Benefits

AAA Members save up to 20% on Hertz car rentals.