Be sure to continue to observe social distancing, and check with the campsites, parks and local government about COVID-19 policies.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot more travelers are looking into exploring the USA by RV. It’s a safer way to travel, while embodying that sense of freedom you can only get from hitting the open road. I think that is a win.

So many people dream of taking an epic RV trip, but few do. As a newbie RVer, I’ll admit it’s a little intimidating at first. However, once my family and I hit the road, we instantly fell in love with the flexibility, spontaneity and community that comes along with an RV camping trip.

Here are seven types of people who should consider embarking on this kind of adventure.

1. Families with small kids

Let’s face it: Unless your hotel is a suite or you reserve adjoining rooms (and magically get them!), traveling with little ones can be the pits logistically. So many issues can be eliminated when your car, hotel, kitchen, restaurant and recreation are housed under one roof! Does someone need a nap? Great! Put them to bed and everyone else can hang outside. Hangry meltdown? The fridge is right there and filled with all your favorite goodies. And the kid’s bedtime doesn’t need to dictate what time the adults hit the sack. Put them down, then head outside to the campfire with a glass of wine and pretend you left them at home with a sitter.

2. Animal lovers

There are a lot of people who think it’s too hard to have a pet and be a traveler. If you travel via RV, you can bring kitty or Fido along. Say bye-bye big bills at the boarding place (not to mention kennel cough! Yuck!), or asking your niece to pet-sit and praying she doesn’t bring her entire sorority over for a party. Your furry friends will love adventuring with their favorite humans, and you’ll love snuggling with them after a long day on the road. Note: not all campgrounds allow pets, but many do! Do your research and you’re golden.

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3. Grown-up backpackers

Who hasn’t been romanced with the idea of touring Europe by train with only a passport, a backpack and a sense of adventure? I certainly have, but as I’ve gotten older, the thought of cramming all my stuff into one bag and schlepping it across a continent seems less and less fun. I’m an adult and want my full-sized toiletries and more than two pairs of pants.

For those of you who want to see a lot but are over the hostel life, may I suggest an RV? You only need to pack once, can bring all your creature comforts, and don’t have to share a sleeping car with some lady who snores! It’s all the flexibility of backpacking, but much more comfortable.

4. Airport loathers

I’m one of those people who actually enjoys a good airport (I know, I’m strange). If you’re not, I get it. The lines, navigating security, the leg room (or lack thereof), the man who reclines his seat into your lap the second you’re airborne … it’s not exactly the Ritz Carlton. With an RV, you get to skip all that! Granted, it takes 10 times longer to get anywhere, but that’s the fun of it.

5. Outdoor enthusiasts who love a real mattress

Some hear the call of the wild … I love the flush of a toilet. I love hiking, biking, swimming and breathing in the fresh outdoor air … but I also love showering after said activities, sleeping in a bed, and not using an outhouse. If you enjoy the outdoors but crave creature comforts, you should try RVing. You still get to wake up in the wilderness, but are by no means roughing it.

6. Budget travelers

The biggest cost-drivers for most trips are dining and ponying up the money for a hotel. Campsites cost much less than a hotel. And by cooking for yourself, you save tons of money … not to mention what you save on beer and wine purchased at a grocery store (maybe that’s just me)! Also, fuel isn’t as expensive as you think. offers lots of suggestions for making the most of every tank.

7. Long-term nomads

Maybe you’re retired, can work from anywhere, took a sabbatical from your job, or won the lotto. Whatever the case, if you’re not held down by day-to-day responsibilities requiring you to be in one place, why not live on the road? Spend a few months or a year seeing the country, meeting up with distant relatives and friends you always say you’re going to visit and never do. If you find a place you love, stay for a week or two (or forever!). RV life gives you the flexibility to see as much as you want, at the pace that’s right for you.

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