When my wife, Hollie, and I take time away from our jobs as teachers, our family loves to travel.

We’re normally very structured and organized people, but last summer we decided to be spontaneous. We wanted to visit some national parks, but we didn’t want to choose our nightly stops ahead of time. Instead, we would do a full day of driving and then pick a place to stop for the night.

At the end of our first day on the road, we pulled off at an exit where there were five or six hotels. Hollie jumped out of the car at each and ran inside, checking rates and availability. That got old really quick.

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14 Ways to Save

So the next evening, she used the AAA Mobile app. It showed us nearby hotels, told us which ones had discounts for AAA Members, and gave room rates, AAA Diamonds and member reviews. The app worked so well that we used it every night after that. And with nine nights on the road, it saved us a ton of time, money and energy.

This summer, we’re going to even more national parks. We want to visit the Badlands, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. And, of course, we’ll use the app each evening when it’s time to stop.

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