Snapping and sharing a picture of yourself traveling is tempting, especially when your destination is beautiful. But do so consciously—being considerate of your surroundings and other people. Before you strike a pose, keep selfie etiquette in mind.

Don’t assume your selfie stick is welcome

Tourist hot spots around the world have banned them—from Rome’s Colosseum to Walt Disney World theme parks. Some cite safety concerns; others just say they’re a nuisance.

Be thoughtful

It’s insensitive to capture your smiling mug at memorials, cemeteries and holy sites. Instead, leave yourself out of the picture but share some insight about how the place affected you.

Be a responsible traveler: Here’s how to make a positive impact while you’re traveling.

Get Tips

Include your travel buddies

Bring everybody in for a group shot. It’ll be a meaningful reminder of the time you spent together.

Put safety before vanity

No amount of likes or shares is worth tumbling over a cliff. Be aware of your surroundings, and if it looks dangerous, don’t do it.

Consider your impact on wildlife

Snapping pics with wildlife that you can hold, or that are being restrained or baited with food, can help fuel an industry that drugs the animals—or worse. Explore the “Wildlife Selfie Code,” a global campaign to help protect animals, and take the pledge to limit photos to wildlife that’s truly wild. Also, if you’re on safari, disable your phone’s geotag function when posting a selfie. Poachers use social media photo tags to target rare game.

Enjoy the moment

Don’t worry about striking the perfect pose. Just relax, smile and relish being on vacation.

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