More people than ever are visiting international destinations, and many are adding travel insurance to their pretrip to-do list. In fact, 38 percent of Americans are likely to buy travel insurance for trips overseas, according to a survey by AAA.

What’s the benefit? When you buy travel insurance, you can travel with confidence because you have help overcoming a range of unexpected setbacks—whether you’re headed abroad or across the U.S.

Here are the most common protections when you buy travel insurance.

Trip cancellation

What it does: Reimburses nonrefundable payments if you must cancel a trip because of illness, job loss or other unforeseen reasons—including acts of terror. Most travel insurance providers allow customers to cancel their trip if an act of terrorism occurred at the destination within 30 days of their scheduled arrival date.

Did you know? A refund for a trip cancellation is the top priority for 88 percent of travelers who are seriously considering travel insurance, according to a survey by AAA.

Travel insurance helped save the day after a surprise $75,000 airlift.

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Example: You come down with the flu two days before you’re scheduled to take a cruise. You can recoup what you’ve already spent on booking fees, airline tickets and hotel deposits.

According to AAA Travel Advisor Ebony Foster, getting insurance for trip cancellation is crucial for her clients: “I helped a couple book a trip to China. Two weeks before departing, they went for a pretrip medical checkup. The doctor found a cancerous growth on the husband’s arm, which had to be removed immediately. The doctor advised them not to take the trip. They submitted a claim and got their full $20,000 back.”

Emergency medical transportation

What it does: Arranges to transport you to a qualified medical facility—or gets you back home to receive care—if you suffer a serious injury or illness during your trip.

Example: A medically equipped flight to the United States from overseas can cost $100,000 or more, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Trip interruption

These AAA members were grateful for travel insurance when the unexpected happened during their around-the-world cruise.

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What it does: Reimburses remaining nonrefundable payments if you begin a trip but can’t finish it because of illness, death or circumstances beyond your control.

Example: A tropical storm means you must leave your Caribbean island vacation three days early. You’re covered for unused prepaid costs and transportation back home.

“A family of three went with my suggestion to buy insurance for a vacation within the United States,” says AAA Travel Advisor Ellen Mann. “Three days into the trip, they got very sick and had to fly home. Thanks to the insurance, they were reimbursed for their flight home and the unused portion of the trip.”

More reasons to buy travel insurance

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Baggage: Covers lost, delayed or damaged luggage.

Delays: Covers minor setbacks (such as missed connecting flights).

Medical: Covers emergency treatments while traveling. Some U.S. health care policies (including Medicare) won’t cover you abroad.

Rental car: Covers the costs of damage to, or theft of, a rented vehicle.

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