It was no less than a calamity—but it could have been a lot worse.

My husband, Lannie, and I were on our dream trip: a 115-day, around-the-world cruise. Climbing down some stairs on Saint Helena—a remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean—Lannie missed a step and fell. He collapsed in pain, and at the local hospital, the doctor confirmed the bad news: Lannie had broken his ankle.

Lannie got basic first aid, but the doctor told us he’d need further treatment at a facility with more equipment. I wish I could say that we simply boarded a plane and flew home, but it wasn’t that easy. Saint Helena can only be accessed by boat—there is no public airport. So we got Lannie back on the cruise ship and had to sail for several days before reaching our next port, in Brazil. From there, we flew home—and Lannie finally got the treatment he needed.

Now that my husband’s doing fine, I’ve had time to realize how expensive this accident could have been for us. We had medical tests and treatment in a foreign country, needed business class seats on the plane home (so Lannie could keep his leg elevated), and missed several days of the cruise. Thankfully, when we booked the cruise, we had taken the advice of our AAA Travel Advisor, Karen Anthony—and purchased travel insurance.

The insurance provider, Allianz Global Assistance, paid for our plane tickets—which were waiting for us when we arrived in Brazil—and reimbursed us for all the medical bills and missed cruise days. What’s more, our claim and payments were handled quickly and efficiently.

All of this reinforced our confidence and trust in AAA and its travel insurance partner, Allianz. How confident are we? Well, we took another cruise last summer, and we’ve booked a Galapagos Islands cruise.

Yes, that’s right—we are going on another cruise to remote islands in the middle of an ocean. We have confidence that AAA and our travel insurance will cover us if we have another incident, and we don’t want to miss a thing.

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