Cruising can be intimidating. There are dozens of islands to choose from, numerous ships and many itineraries. There also are cruising myths that simply aren’t true. Here we debunk five common tales about what to expect on a cruise.

Myth 1: “I’ll get seasick.”

Cruising is a much different experience than, say, spending a couple hours on a sailboat. Modern cruise ships are outfitted with stabilizers that do a great job of minimizing motion. Still worried? Request a cabin near the middle of the ship, where any swaying or pitching will be less easily perceived.

Myth 2: “There will be too many people.”

Not all cruise ships carry the same number of passengers, so it’s easy enough for you to choose one that meets your size preferences. The bigger ships offer so many activities and amenities over so many decks—pools! gyms! spas! live shows!—that you’ll have plenty of space to yourself.

Myth 3: “I’ll have to dress up for meals.”

Love Boat reruns notwithstanding, the days of mandatory ball gowns at dinner are over. Some cruises do feature the occasional “formal night” in their main dining rooms, but if you’d rather not get gussied up, simply head to one of the ship’s more casual eateries instead.

Myth 4: “A cruise isn’t cultured.”

You may travel with the same people onboard the ship, but cruises offer the opportunity to wake up in a new country every day. Many cruise lines offer cultural excursion experiences, such as shopping with a chef at local markets or even enjoying a meal in the home of a local family. River cruising offers an even more immersive experience as you sail through the heart of a country—or countries.

Myth 5: “I’ll gain weight.”

Yes, between the lavish buffets, onboard specialty restaurants and room service, you’ll have more than enough food to choose from. But cruise lines have grown sensitive to health concerns, with many offering options for exercise as well as low-calorie, gluten-free, vegetarian and other specialty menus.

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