Car crashes can be scary, but the claim process to repair your vehicle doesn’t have to be. Here’s how it works:

Soon after the crash

1. Report the incident to your insurance company

If you didn’t already do this from the scene of the crash, do it as soon as you can. Your insurance card or mobile app has the number to use.

6 things to do if you’re in a car accident.

Get Tips

2. Give details

Provide as much information about the crash as possible—things like where and when it happened, photos, and names of other drivers, witnesses and those of responding police officers.

3. Protect the car from further damage

If there are broken windows, for example, you’ll need to keep rain from getting in, because any damage that happens after you make the report may not be covered.

During the claim process

1. Work with the adjustor

A claim adjustor from your insurance company will contact you to review your coverage and the deductibles that apply, will talk with other people involved in the collision and will work with their insurance companies.

2. Review rental options

If your car is not drivable, and you have coverage for a rental, the claim adjustor can help you make arrangements and will tell you how long you’re allowed to keep the rental car.

3. Schedule repairs

An appraiser will assess damage to your car and can help set up repairs, but the choice of where to get those repairs made is always up to you.

4. Get updates

A lot of the settlement process happens without your direct involvement, so there may be times when you don’t know what’s being done. If you have questions, ask your claim adjustor for information.

5. Make sure you’re satisfied

If you aren’t happy with any part of the claim process—you can’t reach a settlement agreement with your adjustor, for example—ask to talk to a manager.

Had a crash and have insurance through AAA?

If you have a crash and your vehicle isn’t drivable, one call is all it takes to get Accident Assist*. It dispatches roadside assistance, starts the claim process, schedules repairs at a shop of your choice and makes a rental car reservation that fits your coverage.

Are You Covered?

Make sure your insurance is a good fit for you by reviewing your coverage.

*Accident Assist is available in IL, MI, MN, NE, IA and WI.

Insurance underwritten by one of the following companies: Auto Club Insurance Association, MemberSelect Insurance Company, Auto Club Group Insurance Company, Auto Club Property-Casualty Insurance Company, Auto Club South Insurance Company, Auto Club Insurance Company of Florida, or non-affiliated insurance companies.

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